July 8, 2011

Lambton College Pre-Service Firefighter Program students assist Volunteer Fire Departments

Sarnia, ON, July 8, 2011 - Lambton College Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training (PFET) students assisted the Alvinston and Warwick Fire Departments in their home and travel trailer smoke alarm campaigns on May 14th, 21st & 28th.

Alvinston Fire Prevention Officer Mike Pilon supervised the students in completing the door-to-door survey and inspection of over 200 residences and 125 seasonal and transient travel trailers in the nearby A.W. Campbell Conservation Area. “They were a welcome addition to our home smoke alarm program. Going door-to-door is a little difficult for a lot of people, but the students all knew the importance of this type of program through their studies at Lambton College, so it seemed to be an easy fit for them.”

The Warwick Campground was also surveyed under the supervision of Fire Chief Brad Goodhill, and over 70 seasonal campers were contacted during the program.

Alvinston Deputy Fire Chief Kris Redick and Captain Chris Knight headed up the campground program and found the experience for the students to be both educational and enlightening. “Some of the students were tentative in talking to people at the start, but after a couple of times doing the ‘cold call’ at the door, they realized it was important and also a lot of fun.”

Lambton College provides students to local volunteer departments upon request for fire-related community service activities as part of the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program. This was the first year for the focused experience on fire prevention and public education for the students as part of their Pre-Graduate Experience. “Fire prevention and public education are critical components of maintaining fire safety, and having our students learn these skills as part of a well-rounded firefighter education will benefit the fire departments and communities where they are hired upon graduation from this program,” notes Carol-Lynn Chambers, Chief & Associate Dean, School of Fire Sciences and Public Safety, Lambton College.

Lambton College also offers a two-year Fire Science Technology program for graduates of all Pre-Service Firefighter programs. This program is unique in the province, and provides a more comprehensive learning experience to further prepare graduates for careers in the fire service and related occupations. Beginning in September 2011, Lambton’s firefighter, criminal justice and paramedic students, along with industrial/commercial clients will benefit from the opening of the $10 million new state-of-the-art Fire and Public Safety Centre of Excellence in Sarnia.

For more information about the Pre-Service Firefighter and Education program, visit www.lambtoncollege.ca/PFET. For more information about the Fire Science Technology program, visit www.lambtoncollege.ca/FIRE.