What is Second Career?

Second Career

  • What is Second Career?

    Second Career is a recently developed provincial government-funded program. This program was uniquely designed to assist individuals who are unemployed and willing to commit to a long-term training plan in order to transition to new careers in growing areas.

  • Who can Qualify?

    If you're an individual who was laid off on or after January 1, 2005 and if you are unemployed and can demonstrate occupational demand for the training request and show evidence of good employment prospects locally or within Ontario, you could be eligible for Second Career funding.

  • How do I Apply for Funding?

    Visit any of the following agencies to begin the application process.

Employment & Learning Centre 4248 Oil Heritage Road, Petrolia, ON 519-882-4333
Employment Service Access Kettle & Stony Point 9156 Tecumseh Lane, Forest, ON 519-786-6780
Goodwill Career Centre 1249 London Road, Sarnia, ON 519-332-4333
The Workplace 265 Front Street N, Ste 107, Sarnia, ON 519-337-7377
The Workplace County Outreach 4137 Petrolia Line, Petrolia, ON 519-882-3724